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Articles by Teresa D. Lancaster

Aug 31 2016

Have (or Buying) Property? Know How to Hold Title

When you are sitting at the desk of a title company purchasing a new home, it is an exciting time …

Posted in Estate Planning, Financial planning, General Articles, General Issues, Miscellaneous

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May 29 2015

Living Wills and DNRs: Very Different Documents

When contemplating health care decision making, clients often want to discuss two documents: a Living Will and a Do Not …

Posted in Advance Directive, Estate Planning, General Articles, General Issues, Living Will

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Sep 30 2014

Why Young Couples Should Consider an AB Trust

Often times, AB Trusts are considered only as an estate planning tool for established couples who have estates subject to …

Posted in General Articles

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Oct 31 2013

New Medicare Taxes Aimed at High-, Passive-Income Earners

This year there is a new tax in town, the Additional Medicare Tax.  There are two facets to this tax: …

Posted in Financial planning, General Articles, General Issues, Taxes

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Feb 01 2011

No Estate Tax Worries, so Why an A-B Trust?

Many people are now thinking, My estate is far less than $5,000,000, so I do not need to worry about …

Posted in Estate Planning, Trust Planning

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Jul 21 2010

Let Them Fight

Over the years many of us have made the remark “they can fight over it when I’m gone”. However, what …

Posted in Estate Planning, Trust Planning

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Apr 14 2010

Joint Accounts- Potential Pitfalls To The Convenience

Today, many people name children, siblings, and others as joint tenants on their bank accounts. When asked, most will tell …

Posted in Elder Law, Estate Planning, Fiduciary Services, Joint Accounts, Trust Planning

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