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Category: News and Blog

Jun 15 2017

It’s World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

This year’s focus is on financial abuse, and stresses that the¬†perpetrators are more likely to be spouses and adult children …

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Jun 15 2017

A Pro and a Con on Repealing the Estate Tax

The con: Estate tax repeal only demonstrates how fake President Trump’s populist message is.
The pro: Estate tax kills jobs, …

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Jun 14 2017

Don’t Leave Heirs Who Are Unprepared

This article makes the argument that it’s you who must prepare your heirs for being able to handle their inheritance. …

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Jun 13 2017

IRS Gives Taxpayers a Break

Surviving spouses have the ability to get their deceased spouse’s unused estate tax exemption, and they used to have to …

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Jun 12 2017

Spying on Your Folks’ Finances? Intruding? Or Necessary?

Parents often aren’t keen on their children monitoring their lives, but if there are signs of slipping, it’s important to …

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Jun 09 2017

Do’s and Don’ts of Estate Planning

This article is aimed at financial planners in Australia to counsel their clients, so some of it doesn’t apply in …

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Jun 08 2017

Musician’s Estates Offers Rare Property Rights

The estate of Bill Monroe is offering some thing most estates of the famous never do: rights to the bluegrass …

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Jun 07 2017

Is the Era of the ‘Stretch’ IRA Finally Ending?

Some of the most complicated issues in estate planning center on ensuring that beneficiaries of IRAs retain the ability to …

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Jun 06 2017

Charities Vie for a Share of Estate Based on Pledges

Charities are often put in a difficult position when it looks like estate might not pay up after a donor …

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Jun 05 2017

Famous Chef, Siblings Fight Over Mom’s Estate

When Rocco Dispirito’s mother died in 2013, he became the administrator of her estate, and now his siblings are saying …

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