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Category: News and Blog

Sep 26 2018

Estate of Ricky Nelson Takes On Sony’s Streaming

The estate of singer Ricky Nelson is suing Sony in a class action lawsuit that accuses the music label of …

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Sep 24 2018

Crafting an Estate Plan that Minimizes Conflict

These four steps will go a long way toward reducing the chances your loved ones will fight over your estate.  …

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Sep 21 2018

Get Ready for Caring for Older Loved Ones

Prepare for a loved one’s aging.  Where to start?  Talking.  Then get serious about bank accounts, living arrangements, coordinating with …

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Sep 18 2018

IRAs: Surviving Spouses Have Lots of Choices

Spouses who inherit an IRA have several different options and matters to consider.  A primer.

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Sep 07 2018

Search for Heir-Producing Wife Continues

Remember that aristocrat who went looking for a wife to provide him an heir?  He’s still looking.

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Aug 25 2018

Conway’s Daughter Goes to Court to Control Dad’s Care

Comedian Tim Conway is suffering from dementia, and his daughter has filed to take control of his care from his …

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Aug 24 2018

Special Challenges of Aging Adults Caring for Older Family Members

Yet another study reveals the toll caregiving can take on family members, especially those who are aging themselves: 10 percent of …

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Aug 22 2018

Aretha Had No Will, But That Might Be OK

Aretha Franklin died on Aug. 16 with no Will, but her family quickly came together and presented the court with …

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Aug 19 2018

Dio Auction to Feature 666 Items

More details are being released about the Ronnie James Dio auction, Sept. 14-15.  Among them: it will have 666 items, …

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Aug 17 2018

Prince Estate Releases 23 Albums

The Prince estate and Sony’s Legacy Recordings have released 23 albums digitally, more than 300 songs, available on most streaming …

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