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Category: News and Blog

Sep 29 2017

Hef Had Fame But Not a Huge Fortune

Hugh Hefner, who died Wednesday 91, was worth a lot less than people might think, Fortune says.  He didn’t even own the …

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Sep 26 2017

10 Misconceptions of Estate Planning

These 10 things are often believed to be true — but might not be.  To get the rest of the …

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Sep 25 2017

The Trust: Many Variations, Many Benefits

Trusts come in many different varieties, and each of those can be highly customized to suit almost any situation.  Here’s …

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Sep 22 2017

NFL Faces Lawsuit Over Hernandez

The daughter of the late Aaron Hernandez is suing the NFL following a finding that the player had serious brain …

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Sep 21 2017

Actor Jerry Lewis Cut Kids Out of Will

Jerry Lewis, who died in August at age 91, had six boys with his first wife.  One son died of …

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Sep 20 2017

Jasper Johns Lays Groundwork for Lasting Legacy

The artist Jasper Johns, 87, is thinking ahead.  He has asked the Connecticut town where he lives for a zoning …

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Sep 19 2017

The Death Tax Might Not Die After All

President Trump and the GOP have railed against the estate tax, aka “death tax,” for what seems like for.ever.  Now …

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Sep 18 2017

Consider Your Plan’s Soft Elements

When you think about estate planning, the obvious questions is, where do you want your assets to go when you …

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Sep 15 2017

Options for Inherited IRAs

Individual Retirement Accounts can be one of the most complicated assets to pass onto loved ones — or inherit.  If …

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Sep 14 2017

Alan Thicke’s Family Feud Tossed

A judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by actor Alan Thicke’s sons, who went after their step-mom before she even did …

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