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Category: News and Blog

Sep 13 2017

Tips for Aging in Place

A lot of people want to stay in their homes as long as possible, and this article provides help.  Among …

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Sep 12 2017

The Latest in Dead Celebrity Lawsuits

Two more wannabe heirs to the Prince dynasty have been tossed, and Casey Kasem’s family is still fighting, with competing …

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Sep 11 2017

Exercise May Be Key to Healthy Aging

Yet another study has found that regular exercise helps people avoid disability as they age.  Just 48 minutes a week …

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Sep 08 2017

New Parents Need Wills to Name Guardians

Wills are known to pass on your property when you die, but they have an additional special role for parents …

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Sep 07 2017

Don’t Mess With Your Step-Sister’s Movie Plans

John Steinbeck’s daughter won that trial involving her step-brother (and his wife) disrupting her plans for Steinbeck movies and such. …

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Sep 06 2017

Hey Ladies Out There, You Need to Plan

Women live longer than men, and women also can find themselves suddenly single by divorce or, in practical terms, incapacity …

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Sep 05 2017

Superstar Estates Keep Moving Along

The heirs to Prince’s estate have been finalized, after several appeals of unfavorable rulings were denied.   In other superstar …

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Sep 01 2017

Have Pets? Include Them in Your Planning

Pets are tangible personal property, and it’s important to leave specific instructions (and maybe money) for their care at your …

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Aug 31 2017

Index Assesses How Good We Are at Aging

A new international index is tracking how countries are handling aging.  Of the 18 that got comprehensive scores, the United …

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Aug 30 2017

Court Fight Begins Over John Steinbeck Copyrights

Author John Steinbeck’s copyrights and scuttled movies of his works are the subject of a battle in California federal court. …

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