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Category: News and Blog

Jul 17 2017

States’ Estate and Inheritance Taxes

Arizona has no estate or inheritance tax, but some states have one or the other.  The tax hit (or miss) …

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Jul 14 2017

In Prince News, Bands Will Battle, but Estate Won’t

Prince’s estate has planned a battle-of-the-bands event to take place at Paisley Park from August 31 to September 3; meanwhile, …

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Jul 13 2017

Tax Uncertainty Undermines Planning

Republicans have said for a long time that they wanted to repeal the estate tax, and now that they control …

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Jul 12 2017

Michael Jackson Estate: Halloween & Lawsuit

Michael Jackson’s estate has agreed to feature his voice and music in an upcoming animated Halloween special on CBS.  At …

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Jul 11 2017

Picking the Right Trustee

People often choose their most reliable child to serve as trustee, but that’s not always the best idea.  Here are …

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Jul 10 2017

Discovery: Compound in Strawberries Fights Aging

Scientists have found that a plant compound called fisetin, which is found in strawberries, really might help fight Alzheimer’s and …

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Jul 07 2017

Carrie Fisher’s Daughter to Inherit Everything

Details of actress Carrie Fisher’s estate are being revealed, and, as one might expect, she left everything to her only …

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Jul 06 2017

We’re Getting Better at Protecting Seniors

A just-released study of broker-dealers shows that a lot of progress has been made with regard to them having policies …

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Jul 05 2017

Playwright Exerts Dead Hand Control

The Will of late playwright Edward Albee, best known for the play “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” orders his executors …

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Jul 03 2017

Emily Chatbot Facilitates Planning

If you or a loved one finds end-of-life decisions difficult to talk about, you might try chatting with Emily, a …

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