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Category: News and Blog

Feb 09 2018

Tax Changes and Estate Planning

The new tax law has created some opportunities for estate planning and also highlights ways plans may be out-of-date to …

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Feb 08 2018

If You Have Digital Assets, Plan for Them

Arizona has a law that aims to permit your executor to access your digital assets, but he or she still …

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Feb 07 2018

Dementia: Too Many Meds? Promising Treatment?

Human Rights Watch has found that nursing home patients are sometimes drugged not because patients need medicating but because the …

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Feb 06 2018

Old Trusts May Be Outdated

Now that the estate tax exemption has been increased even higher ($11.2 million per person), old irrevocable trusts may have …

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Feb 05 2018

James Brown Estate: 11 Years and Counting

After 11 years, the James Brown estate is still not settled. Several lawsuits are still underway aiming to get a …

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Jan 30 2018

John Denver Fans Get Website

John Denver’s estate has launched a Patreon website where fans can explore music and art.  Fans can subscribe for $7 …

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Jan 26 2018

Key Documents You Should Have In Place

Many Americans don’t have these important documents in place.  Do you?

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Jan 20 2018

A Financial Planner Weighs in on Long-Term-Care Insurance

And she says it’s not a good buy.

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Jan 19 2018

Planning for Widow- or Widowerhood

Surviving spouses are often shocked by their circumstances when the first spouse dies.  There’s reduced Social Security, often higher expenses, …

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Jan 17 2018

Planning for Business Interests

People often do elaborate estate plans — but fail to look into what it might mean for their LLCs or …

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