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Category: Featured

Apr 30 2018

Reasons Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

Whether a person has millions of dollars or more modest assets, there are multiple reasons to get and maintain an …

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Mar 30 2018

Giving Real Estate: Many Options, Many Considerations

Real estate is frequently an important asset in estate planning.  Whether the property is an investment asset dear to the …

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Feb 28 2018

Estate Planning for Young Adults Can Save Time, Money, Heartache

When we think about executing estate planning documents, what doesn’t typically come to mind is a 17- or 18-year-old son …

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Jan 31 2018

10 Lessons from 2017 to Make Your Plan Work Better

Every year, we survey the Bogutz & Gordon staff and compile ten lessons learned from the prior year (supplemented by …

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Dec 21 2017

Consider . . . Re-evaluating Your Plan

About a decade ago, in preparation for a move from Virginia to Tucson, my husband and I hired a real …

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Oct 31 2017

Plan Carefully for Out-of-State Real Property

We all know that many Tucsonans came from someplace else. This means quite a few have real estate located in …

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Sep 29 2017

If You Are Approaching 65, Map Out a Medicare Plan

Turning 65 Soon?
For many older Americans, 65 is a magic number.  Not only does it mean passing the age …

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Aug 31 2017

Planning Is Crucial if You Have Children With an Ex

How do you choose between your spouse and your children? It may sound like a tough hypothetical in a philosophy …

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Jul 31 2017

Are Gifts and Bequests Better in $ or %? It Depends

When clients come to us to prepare a Will or Revocable Trust, some have a long list of potential beneficiaries, …

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Jun 30 2017

Estate Plan Can Help Beneficiaries in Uncertain Times

Unless you have successfully turned off the outside world, you have heard about the effort to reform or repeal the …

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