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Category: Featured

Sep 30 2016

Do I Really Need a Will? Absolutely, In Most Cases

Does everyone need to have a Will?  Every adult should.
But if you — or someone you know — keeps …

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Aug 31 2016

IRS Regulations Could Derail Estate Planning Technique

If you have an estate that is large enough to be subject to estate tax, you might want to be …

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May 31 2016

No Will for Prince (Shocking), But He Needed Much More

“I can’t believe Prince didn’t have a Will!”
We hear that all the time. Consider for a moment that the …

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Apr 29 2016

What’s a Gun Trust & Do I Need One?

As you may know, a Trust has both a Settlor (or Trustor or Grantor), the person who created it; and …

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Feb 29 2016

Revocable Trusts Avoid Probate and More

A Revocable Trust is frequently marketed as a tool to avoid probate, and indeed it certainly achieves that goal in …

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Jan 29 2016

Lessons Learned From 2015

Every year, we survey the Bogutz & Gordon staff and compile ten lessons we learned from our experiences (supplemented by …

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Nov 29 2015

Probate Is Not Always As Bad As Some Make It Sound

“Probate” is one of the most loaded and misunderstood terms in estate planning. It is used as a boogeyman to …

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Oct 30 2015

Planning Lesson: Don’t Leave Out the Obvious

Two recent cases involving the estates of the rich and famous provide an important lesson: if you want something cared …

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Oct 30 2015

Calif. Assisted Suicide: An Option for Arizonans?

California this month enacted an assisted-suicide law, joining only three other states (Oregon, Washington, and Vermont) that have done so.  …

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Oct 02 2015

Bogutz & Gordon No. 2 on Readers’ Choice list

Bogutz & Gordon is No. 2 in the Arizona Daily Star’s Readers’ Choice list of Best Law Firms.  Pretty flattering, …

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