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Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the areas below to explore some of our frequently asked questions and answers. Be aware that this information is intended as educational information, and to provide some background before meeting with an attorney. It is not intended as legal advice, and should not be construed or relied upon as such. Legal advice can only be relied upon after specifically engaging and meeting with an attorney to discuss your particular situation.


Estate Planning & General Issues

1.  What documents should every individual have in place?
2.  What is a Will and why do I need one?
3.  What is a General Power of Attorney and why do I need one?
4.  What is a Medical Power of Attorney and why do I need one?
5.  What is a Living Will and why do I need one?
6.  What decisions do I need to consider in preparing an Estate Plan?
7.  Do I need a Revocable Trust?
8.  How does Estate Tax work?
9.  What is the estate planning process like at Bogutz & Gordon?


Estate and Trust Administration After Death

Bogutz and Gordon’s practice areas include not only the estate planning process, but working with families, friends, and beneficiaries after an individual has died. If we worked with the individual while they were alive, we are normally able to step in immediately to help advise and assist the family. However, we also commonly assist families or beneficiaries when we had not worked previously with the decedent, and where the decedent may not have worked with any attorney or executed any estate planning documents. The important thing is that we are available to determine exactly what needs to be done, and help you get it done.

1.  What needs to be done at death?
2.  How can Bogutz & Gordon assist in the estate administration process?

Long Term Care Planning in Arizona

1.  How do I pay for Long Term Care?
2.  How do I qualify for ALTCS?
3.  What if my monthly income exceeds the monthly maximum?
4.  Doesn’t Medicare cover my long term expenses?
5.  What are countable resources?
6.  Can I give away my assets to qualify?
7.  What about continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs)?
8.  Can the State take my house or other assets at my death?
9.  Should I update my estate planning as well?
10.  What about special needs trusts?

Fiduciaries and Bogutz & Gordon’s Fiduciary Services

1.  What is a Fiduciary?
2.  What is a Conservator?
3.  What is a Guardian?
4.  What is a Personal Representative or Executor?
5.  What is a Trustee?
6.  What is an Agent or Attorney-in-Fact?
7.  What Duties Does a Fiduciary Have?
8.  How Does Bogutz & Gordon Serve as a Fiduciary?