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About Us

Bogutz & Gordon has been proudly serving the Tucson, Arizona, area since 1984, providing sophisticated services to meet our clients’ estate planning and elder law needs. From the beginning, the goal was to help people in need. In 1984, Allan Bogutz, who had served as Pima County Public Fiduciary, incorporated his own law firm. A few months later, Allan asked Craig Gordon, then working as an attorney at Southern Arizona Legal Aid (SALA), to join him, and the two combined forces. Both were deeply committed to helping people, especially those who cannot help themselves. Allan not only had served as Public Fiduciary, he also had worked at SALA and served in the Peace Corps. Before joining SALA, Craig had used a federal grant from the Administration of Aging to develop a legal education and referral program for Senior Citizens in rural Iowa. With these backgrounds in public service, Allan and Craig brought a unique vision to the firm.

The succeeding 30 years have seen Bogutz & Gordon prosper as one of the pre-eminent elder law firms in the Southwest. Both Allan and Craig have, for the most part moved on, but their goals and ideals carry on among the current staff of attorneys, care managers, paralegals, and support staff.

Allan and Craig built a law practice centered on planning, serving, and advocating.  The firm’s structure remains unusual among law firms. In the planning arena, we help clients with traditional estate planning needs, creating wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, as well as planning regarding benefits and taxes. The firm also serves as “fiduciary.” A “fiduciary” is a person in a position of trust, one who is legally empowered to make decisions for other persons. The firm itself works as a team to serve clients as Trustee, Agent under Power of Attorney, Guardian, Conservator, and Personal Representative, making decisions in their best interests when they cannot, or carrying out their final wishes. We also help clients assert their rights with regard to estates and trusts, and advocate for them in many different roles.

The firm is well suited to advise and assist clients who are facing the realities of aging, disabilities, or injuries as a result of accidents or medical malpractice. It is also well suited to advise families — at all levels of wealth — regarding how to pass whatever it is they cherish to the next generation and beyond.