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Category: Estate Planning

Jan 31 2018

10 Lessons from 2017 to Make Your Plan Work Better

Every year, we survey the Bogutz & Gordon staff and compile ten lessons learned from the prior year (supplemented by …

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Dec 21 2017

Consider . . . Re-evaluating Your Plan

About a decade ago, in preparation for a move from Virginia to Tucson, my husband and I hired a real …

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Jan 31 2017

To-Do and Not To-Do: Lessons from 2016

Every year, we survey the Bogutz & Gordon staff and compile ten lessons learned from our 2016 experiences (supplemented by …

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Jan 02 2017

6 Times to Review Your Estate Plan

There’s never a bad time to revisit your estate plan, but some life events make it really important.  Here are …

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Sep 30 2016

Do I Really Need a Will? Absolutely, In Most Cases

Does everyone need to have a Will?  Every adult should.
But if you — or someone you know — keeps …

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Aug 31 2016

IRS Regulations Could Derail Estate Planning Technique

If you have an estate that is large enough to be subject to estate tax, you might want to be …

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Aug 31 2016

Have (or Buying) Property? Know How to Hold Title

When you are sitting at the desk of a title company purchasing a new home, it is an exciting time …

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May 31 2016

Marriage and Divorce Change Everything – Even Your Will!

Many people know that if they die without a Will, the state has written one for them. This is through …

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Apr 29 2016

What’s a Gun Trust & Do I Need One?

As you may know, a Trust has both a Settlor (or Trustor or Grantor), the person who created it; and …

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Nov 29 2015

Charitable Giving: Do Good and Get Tax Breaks, Too

You might think that corporations give the most to charity, but it’s actually every day Americans who keep charities going.  …

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