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Category: Taxes

Aug 31 2016

IRS Regulations Could Derail Estate Planning Technique

If you have an estate that is large enough to be subject to estate tax, you might want to be …

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Apr 21 2016

Michael Jackson’s Estate Battling with the IRS

Estate taxes are assessed on the value of a person’s assets at the time of death.  In that regard, Michael …

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Nov 29 2015

Charitable Giving: Do Good and Get Tax Breaks, Too

You might think that corporations give the most to charity, but it’s actually every day Americans who keep charities going.  …

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Oct 31 2013

New Medicare Taxes Aimed at High-, Passive-Income Earners

This year there is a new tax in town, the Additional Medicare Tax.  There are two facets to this tax: …

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May 15 2013

Obama’s 2014 Tax Plan Could Change the Estate Tax — But Probably Not Dramatically

You may have seen a headline or two recently proclaiming that President Obama aims to expand the estate tax, that …

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