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Practice Areas

Bogutz & Gordon provides excellent service to our clients in the following areas:

Estate Planning

Do you need a Will or Trust? Do you worry about who would handle your affairs if you became incapacitated? Are you concerned about estate taxes or probate costs?

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Probate & Trust Administration

Maybe you have been nominated for the role of Personal Representative (aka Executor) of an estate or Trustee of a trust – or both. Maybe a relative of yours died with no Will. We can help you understand and carry out your role; walk you through the process of probate or the requirements of trust administration; and, if you wish, handle many of the details for you.

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Guardianships & Conservatorships

If a loved one can no longer take care of himself or herself or his or her finances, the law provides a way for loved ones to step in and gain the legal authority to help. If you know someone who needs assistance, we can explore this option.

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Fiduciary Services

Sometimes, people do not know whom to appoint in their documents. Or, sometimes, a family wishes to have a neutral party handle the details, so they can focus on the bigger picture. We can act in all of these roles or provide assistance to someone else who is serving.

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Public Benefits Planning

There are times when public benefits can become absolutely crucial in a person’s life, perhaps due to aging, perhaps due to disability, or both. The rules surrounding benefits are extremely complex. We can provide guidance regarding eligibility, the application process, and asset preservation.

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Estate & Trust Litigation

Are you a fiduciary facing disgruntled heirs or beneficiaries? Are you an heir or beneficiary who doesn’t think an estate or trust is being handled appropriately? Even with the best planning, and the best of intentions, disputes can arise. We can help.

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