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Estate & Trust Litigation

Even with the best planning, and the best intentions, disputes can arise between family members, and from the probate court. Bogutz & Gordon represents beneficiaries, protected parties, and fiduciaries (such as Trustees, Personal Representatives, and Conservators) in litigation related to probate, estate, and trust matters in Arizona.

These issues include, but are not limited to, exploitation of a vulnerable adult, disputes over the administration of an estate, trust, or conservatorships, and the contests of a will or a trust. These issues are complex and stressful, and many individuals who accept the role of Trustee, Personal Representative, or Conservator are not aware of the very strict laws and rules which govern their actions. The earlier an attorney advises you in these situations, or is involved in the litigation, the better.  Bogutz & Gordon emphasizes a problem-solving approach, aiming to find common ground and fostering efficient solutions, so that families can find closure and continue the grieving and healing process.

If you are involved in any of these issues, our attorneys may be able to represent you, help guide you through the court process, and help find the most beneficial result possible.

Estate & Trust Litigation Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What needs to be done at death?
2.  How can Bogutz & Gordon assist in the estate administration process?