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Oct 31 2018

It’s Fall: Time to Evaluate Your Medicare

It’s not just the season for goblins and pumpkin spice.  It’s also the season for Medicare enrollment, and that’s why …

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Sep 28 2018

New VA Rules for Care Benefit Become Effective Oct. 18

October 18 is an important deadline for veterans and their spouses.  That’s because the Department of Veterans Affairs is implementing …

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Aug 31 2018

Share Final Wishes, Consider Who Will Carry Them Out

In estate planning, it’s important to try to anticipate any possible dispute among loved ones, including arguments over funerals, burials, …

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Jul 31 2018

ALTCS: Will They Take the House?

When clients (or their grown kids) start thinking about the possibility of nursing home care, one option to discuss is …

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Jun 29 2018

John Oliver Takes Aim at Guardianships with Comedy, Almost-Correct Assertions

It’s not every day that our line of work is featured on a national comedic news show, and when it …

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May 31 2018

Arizona’s Electronic Wills Law: What It Means

Arizona is trying to move into the 21st Century when it comes to signing Wills.  On May 16, Gov. Doug …

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Apr 30 2018

Reasons Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

Whether a person has millions of dollars or more modest assets, there are multiple reasons to get and maintain an …

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Mar 30 2018

Giving Real Estate: Many Options, Many Considerations

Real estate is frequently an important asset in estate planning.  Whether the property is an investment asset dear to the …

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Feb 28 2018

Estate Planning for Young Adults Can Save Time, Money, Heartache

When we think about executing estate planning documents, what doesn’t typically come to mind is a 17- or 18-year-old son …

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Jan 31 2018

10 Lessons from 2017 to Make Your Plan Work Better

Every year, we survey the Bogutz & Gordon staff and compile ten lessons learned from the prior year (supplemented by …

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Dec 21 2017

Consider . . . Re-evaluating Your Plan

About a decade ago, in preparation for a move from Virginia to Tucson, my husband and I hired a real …

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Oct 31 2017

The Estate Tax is on Life Support, and Everyone Has an Opinion

The modern federal estate tax, which has been with us for just over 100 years, might finally be on its …

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