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This & That: The B&G Blog

Welcome to our blog and the portal to our newsletter articles.  To the right, you can view past articles and blog posts by category, and below, we share some of the latest news and views from around the web and within the firm.  Please note that the information provided is meant for informational purposes and is in no way a replacement for professional legal, tax, or therapeutic advice.

Dec 27 2018

Franklin Estate Facing Another Certainty: Taxes

Here’s another lesson all of us can learn from Aretha Franklin:  Your estate cannot escape the IRS.  Franklin, the IRS says, owes more than $6 million in back income taxes.

Dec 25 2018

Comedian Tim Conway’s Care at Issue

Tim Conway’s wife and daughter are at odds over the comedian’s care and need for a conservatorship.  He had brain surgery on September 3 and since then has been moved seven — seven — times.  Still, Conway’s attorney hopes a settlement can be reached.

Dec 22 2018

How to Create an Estate Plan in 12 Steps

If having a checklist helps you get things done, here’s another one (this time in 12 steps) to lead you toward an effective estate plan.

Dec 21 2018

Powers of Attorney Are Crucial Documents

All estate planning documents are important, but many don’t realize just how important Powers of Attorney can be, both for health care and finances.  This article was written about Michigan law, so some of the nuances may be different in Arizona, but the main message is so true regardless of jurisdiction: They’re good for you.

Dec 20 2018

Lack of Sleep May Cause Brain Troubles

Not getting enough sleep may hurt you, both in the short term and long term.  Lack of sleep makes us less sharp the next day, but over time, it may increase the chances of dementia.

Dec 20 2018

Prince Estate Stays Busy

The Prince estate continues to maximize and protect its assets. Estate reps are reportedly working with Universal on a new musical film; they announced the release of three albums of catalog material in February, including purple vinyl; they went after a guy in Illinois selling Prince’s iconic “cloud” guitar; and released a special edition “Power Generation” jersey.

Dec 19 2018

Want a Younger Brain?

One new study seems to say diet and exercise can dramatically improve cognitive functioning.

Dec 17 2018

Redstone Assigned Guardian Ad Litem

Sumner Redstone’s trust is still under attack, and now a judge has assigned an attorney to represent his interests (as what’s called a guardian ad litem) because, apparently, he can no longer communicate.  In the “it’s a small celebrity world” category, the attorney happens to be the same lawyer that served as Britney Spears’ conservator before her father was appointed.

Dec 13 2018

Charles Manson’s Grandson Still Fighting

Jason Freeman, the grandson of Charles Manson, won the first battle: he was awarded his grandfather’s remains.   Now comes the battle over the killer’s estate; if Freeman wins, he hopes to use any value there might be for good.

Dec 11 2018

Kerkorian Estate Reaches Settlement with Widow

Media mogul Kirk Kerkorian died in 2015, married to his fourth wife.  They supposedly lived together for only 57 days in 2014, and the divorce was under way at his death. Although she signed a prenup, she claimed she was entitled to 1/3 of his $1.8 billion estate.  Under the settlement, she gets $12.5 million and $60 million to use for or direct to charitable causes.

Dec 11 2018

Claim to Fame: Howard Hughes’s Heir (or Not)

The death of a man by the name of Melvin E. Dummar recalls the strange battle over the estate of Howard Hughes.  Dummar claimed he was Hughes’s rightful heir.

Dec 09 2018

Leaving Your IRA Can Be Tricky

If you have an IRA you wish to leave to a loved on, be careful.  Certain complicated rules dictate how distributions must be taken and, as a result, the income tax due.  Here’s more.