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This & That: The B&G Blog

Welcome to our blog and the portal to our newsletter articles.  To the right, you can view past articles and blog posts by category, and below, we share some of the latest news and views from around the web and within the firm.  Please note that the information provided is meant for informational purposes and is in no way a replacement for professional legal, tax, or therapeutic advice.

Feb 08 2018

If You Have Digital Assets, Plan for Them

Arizona has a law that aims to permit your executor to access your digital assets, but he or she still has to determine what can or should be done with them.  That’s where you may need to provide direction.

Feb 07 2018

Dementia: Too Many Meds? Promising Treatment?

Human Rights Watch has found that nursing home patients are sometimes drugged not because patients need medicating but because the homes “want docile.”  Meanwhile, another study has found that electric shock could help Alzheimer’s.

Feb 06 2018

Old Trusts May Be Outdated

Now that the estate tax exemption has been increased even higher ($11.2 million per person), old irrevocable trusts may have outlived their original purpose of avoiding estate tax.  If you have one, consider whether you need it.

Feb 05 2018

James Brown Estate: 11 Years and Counting

After 11 years, the James Brown estate is still not settled. Several lawsuits are still underway aiming to get a piece of his estate, the estimated value of which is between $5 million and $100 million.

Jan 30 2018

John Denver Fans Get Website

John Denver’s estate has launched a Patreon website where fans can explore music and art.  Fans can subscribe for $7 or $12, and $1 from every one will go to environmental charities Denver supported.

Jan 26 2018

Key Documents You Should Have In Place

Many Americans don’t have these important documents in place.  Do you?

Jan 20 2018

A Financial Planner Weighs in on Long-Term-Care Insurance

And she says it’s not a good buy.

Jan 19 2018

Planning for Widow- or Widowerhood

Surviving spouses are often shocked by their circumstances when the first spouse dies.  There’s reduced Social Security, often higher expenses, unfinished estate plans — in addition to the trauma of loss.  As difficult as it is, it’s important to map out the scenarios and have a plan.

Jan 17 2018

Planning for Business Interests

People often do elaborate estate plans — but fail to look into what it might mean for their LLCs or other business interests.  Not great.  This article agrees and offers ways to get in line.

Jan 16 2018

Fight Continues Over Charles Manson

A grandson, a pen pal, and possibly a son are battling over the body and estate of late killer Charles Manson.  Forbes asks: Is the Fight Worth It?

Jan 16 2018

Prince Estate Schedules Big Show

The Prince estate is working to maximize its assets and has announced a show, Prince Alive on the Big Screen, a four-day event with unseen footage and special guests to take place April 21 in Minneapolis.

Jan 15 2018

Grief: Universal Yet Still Mysterious

Two recent books focus on grief and how to cope with it, whether it’s you grieving or someone you care about.  The New York Times takes a look.  The Times also recently published a “glossary” on how to speak grief.  Quoting the intro: “Loss is messy, melancholic and often darkly hilarious. It also lingers forever.: