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This & That: The B&G Blog

Welcome to our blog and the portal to our newsletter articles.  To the right, you can view past articles and blog posts by category, and below, we share some of the latest news and views from around the web and within the firm.  Please note that the information provided is meant for informational purposes and is in no way a replacement for professional legal, tax, or therapeutic advice.

Jan 14 2018

Why You Need an Estate Plan

Here a real-life scenario that illustrates why every adult needs an estate plan — well before you become too incapacitated to sign one!

Jan 10 2018

New Tax Law: Questions for Your Estate Plan

The tax landscape has changed, and there are a lot of questions.  Here are five questions to ask about your estate plan and 9 ways the new law could affect your plan.

Jan 09 2018

What Is a Trust?

A very flexible arrangement that can accomplish many different goals.  Here’s more.

Jan 08 2018

There’s a Battle Over Charles Manson’s Remains

A long-time pen pal and a grandson are fighting over the remains of Charles Manson, and more might join the fray.

Dec 31 2017

Estate Plan Should Be Part of Your Resolution

Happy New Year!  Along with eating better and getting more exercise, consider updating or creating an estate plan in your New Year’s Resolutions.  Here’s what you need and why.

Dec 23 2017

Your Estate Plan: Share Or Not?

Clients often ask whether they should share their estate plans with children or other beneficiaries.  The answer is always, “It depends.”  And the decision is a very personal one.  This article makes some good arguments for talking about it, at least a little bit.

Dec 15 2017

Seeking Alternatives for Vegas Shooter’s Estate

Stephen Paddock’s estate is understandably facing many lawsuits following his Las Vegas massacre and suicide.  The lawyers and the courts are trying to devise a way to resolve disputes so that as much as possible of his $5 million estate can go to victims and their families.

Dec 12 2017

Celebrity Estate Planning Blunders

Celebrities have money and advice, and even they regularly mess up their estate planning.  Here’s a roundup of some “iconic” estate planning flops.

Dec 11 2017

There’s More to S.D. Representative’s Estate Tax Story

Kristi Noem, a Republican representative from South Dakota, has shared her story about the horrors of the estate tax in an effort to repeal it.  But it turns out that the turmoil her family faced (if true) could have easily been avoided.

Nov 30 2017

Glen Campbell Excludes Some Children From Inheriting

Glen Campbell, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, excluded three of his eight children from his estate plan, possibly setting up a court battle over his estimated $50 million estate.

Nov 21 2017

Australian Court Reduces Daughter’s Inheritance

Olivia Mead, the child of an Australian mining billionaire, won $25 million in court after she was left just $3 million in trust in her father’s estate plan.  His estate appealed the ruling, and it’s now $6.14 million.  The court reasoned that the lower court erred in calculation the sum and should have been based only on the following: “The capital sum should be sufficient to enable the respondent to purchase a reasonably substantial house with part of the capital sum and to invest the balance so that she will receive a reasonably substantial annuity for the remainder of her life.”

Nov 18 2017

Glenn Frey Leaves Estate to Wife Cindy

Some celebrity’s estate plans (if there is one) hold surprising gifts or disinheritances.  Here’s one that didn’t.  The Eagles’ Glenn Frey, who died last January, appears to have left his entire estate to his spouse of 26 years, Cindy Millican.  Much of the details are not public, though, because he had a trust, which do not become public unless there’s a problem.